Aurore Blondelot by Joanna Wolak

Aurore Blondelot

Aurore is a trilingual (French/English/German) event and cultural communications consultant, a graduate with a Master’s degree in both Art History and Cultural Communications. She later specialised in Writing (for print and the Web) and PR Consultation (both internal and external).

Passionate about the arts and culture, she has over 10 years experience in cultural communications, marketing and event management, in addition to working in the fields of tourism and the environment. Aurore has worked for museums, art galleries, art centres, and tourist information centres; for associations, public relations agencies, and even for joint-governmental and international organisations.

As a Member of Admissions ( group) - the French experts network - and ELAN (English-Language Arts Network) since 2018, she has decided to broaden her expertise in copywriting by launching a freelance consultation business. Aurore is currently working with clientele in Europe and North America, including associations, and cultural communications and event management agencies in the art galleries and festivals sectors.

“As a true lover of languages and words, I put pen to paper to record your words, whether in the language of Shakespeare, Molière or Goethe, or using the medium of Gutenberg or Steve Jobs.”