Content strategy_


Because a content marketing strategy leaves little room for improvisation, we carry out an evaluation of your organisation, your activities, your situation. We bring innovative solutions and concrete recommendations to the table, by identifying growth drivers, by combining the art of communicating with corporate culture.

An offer that is tailor-made for you

Why call upon us? To benefit from our expertise and consulting services, to gain in readability and visibility, and for global strategic support in the conception and promotion of your trademark. We assist with the development of your communications activities, in the development and implementation of your communications plans for local and/or international projects, the establishment of internal and external communications, and in the coordination of a network of partnerships.

Our trump cards: conception of an editorial line, copywriting and message content (gathering information, evaluating, selecting, writing and translation), development of a wide variety of communications products and support materials (both written and visual).

Three accompaniment measures

Do you have a specific need for a business skill? We offer to take part in the conception, development and follow up of your communications activities. We offer our support/accompaniment services for the technical and functional development of your activities, the creation of textual content, and the conception of various graphic and visual elements.

Looking for an expert in outsourcing, to carry out all or part of your activities? We bring you our savvy, solutions and recommendations. Through the analysis and optimisation of communications operations, management of teams and partnerships, and establishment of strategic recommendations, we participate in the implementation of your strategies, and in the coordination of the development of your communications activities.

Are you in need of an objective look, an expert opinion? We support and advise you in the building of your communications strategies. We provide you with a turnkey solution, consisting of methodology, quality control and a resolution process. We develop improvement axes for structuring teams and optimising available competencies, and for fostering artistic reflection and the development of creative dynamics.


Print communications

Content strategies, defining your editorial line - your cultural, visual and textual identity
  • Conception and copywriting of printed communications support materials: sales brochures, programmes and exhibition catalogues, wall texts, biographies, articles, etc.
  • Development of a creative concept: definition of visual identity standards (logo, typography and colours) and of marketing messages (taglines, slogans, etc.)
  • Management of relationships with service providers/suppliers (artistic directors, proofreaders, printers and publishers), and production follow ups
  • Consulting and technical support for communications activities of internal services

Web communications

Digital strategies, consistent with your editorial line, to develop your e-reputation
  • Conception and copywriting of digital communications tools: Web development (html and CSS), CMS (Wordpress), and emailing campaigns
  • Development of graphic production: programming and/or updating websites (Showcase websites) and related elements (newsletters, blogs)
  • Management of social network communities (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
  • Consulting and technical support for internal services in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and strategic planning (establishing a publications schedule)

Event communications

Media strategies, to make yourself known and promote yourself to the public and through the media
  • Experience in logistics and event production: conferences, fairs, trade shows, cocktails, previews, festivals and exhibitions
  • Conception of promotional and/or operational marketing materials: press releases, press kits, posters, flyers, signage and signature gifts
  • Identification of target audiences, and leveraging visibility through press relations and influencers in various fields
  • Identification of existing networks, and development of media partnerships (sponsoring, co-branding, etc.)

International relations

Global public relations strategies, to ensure that your message has an international impact
  • Field experience and references in both Europe and North America
  • Communications adapted to fit each country/territory (European and/or Anglo-Saxon markets), and each language (French/Québecois, Canadian English, British/American English and standard German)
  • Knowledge of various media and Internet platforms, and awareness of local and foreign influencers
  • Exchanging with and maintaining relationships with foreign countries within the framework of international projects