Your cultural identity, your trademark

In order to spread the word and make yourself known to the general public, you need to communicate to your target audience about your brand.

In an international context, marketing and advertising via the Internet and social media have shifted into the field of external communications.

Making a difference involves positioning yourself in a very competitive market, by developing your online presence through a customer-oriented strategy.

A good understanding and adaptation of your particular challenges enable us to leverage your editorial line and your content strategies, as well as your communications tools and media.

We coordinate the development of your communications strategies by channelling the right resources – maximising the return on investment (ROI) of your organisation in terms of partnerships and referencing (SEO), while devising and respecting a planning and budgeting schedule.

Our service offerings include developing local projects in addition to projects on an international scale, thanks to communications that are adapted to your localisation and industry.

Our fields of activity

    Working with
  • Cultural and institutional players
  • Professionals in communications,
    marketing, and public relations

  • Types of businesses/organisations
  • Event management and cultural
    communications agencies
  • Museums and art galleries
  • Associations and professional organisations

  • Fields of expertise
  • Music and visual arts
  • Tourism (leisure/business)
  • Heritage and the environment

  • Fields of activity
  • Cultural development
  • Sustainable development
  • International development

Communications consulting

Internal and external communications
Press and public relations

Cross-cultural management

International relations
Europe and North America

Content strategy

Print and the Web

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